Biography of Robert Arthur Lawson, architect
The impetus for this book on Lawson arose in April 2005 when we dedicated a new memorial to Robert Arthur Lawson on his gravesite in Dunedin’s Northern Cemetery. Prior to this he had no stone to his memory.

We realised at this point that Lawson had been ‘forgotten’, perhaps even ‘disgraced’, over the intervening years since his death in 1902, and a definitive biography of his life and works was sorely needed, and we hoped to set to rest some of the myths about his work.

And so began the long journey culminating in the book available here today.

In 2009 Norman Ledgerwood was commissioned to write the story. It has proved to be a larger challenge than any of us anticipated. Lawson’s family life has proved elusive, his works extensive, his church connections important, his legacy enduring.

The fund-raising to cover costs has been a real challenge but was successful enough to proceed to publishing.

However after 4 years of gestation the birth has arrived and we are very proud of our child.

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The book will be on sale from 25 September 2013

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