Heritage Values

Why are Cemeteries Important?

To families and friends

To immediate descendents, they are important as a place of focus where you can talk and establish a connection with your predecessors.

To the local community

To family researchers and genealogists, as sources of information on the immediate and greater family. Monumental inscriptions are of such great value to genealogists that their transcription has been seen as urgent in view of their gradual disappearance through age and neglect.

In local history

As a resource for chronological information gained from: names, dates, causes of death, architectural influences, epitaphs.There is a great wealth of information about community origins residing in all our historic cemeteries which is waiting to be written down and analysed to offer insights into our past.

As a contribution to national colonial history

Analysis of cemetery information can provide a unique source of our Nationhood and the origins of our history in New Zealand.

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