Heritage Values

How do we propose to conserve our cemeteries?

The Historic Cemeteries Conservation Trust of New Zealand has identified the following objectives:

To co-operate with local authority structures and systems to promote the values of historic cemeteries. Partnership agreements with the local council or cemetery trust is a good start

To work with appropriate national agencies such as NZ Historic Places Trust, NZ Master Monumental Masons Association (Inc), Ministry of Culture and Heritage, to achieve common goals.

To seek grants for research into the social history of cemeteries and encourage academic research by university students and high schools into social aspects of cemetery history.

To encourage the preparation of conservation plans for historic cemeteries.

To initiate effective and user-friendly information for tracing deceased relatives’ graves, with a standard system for locating plots.

To encourage children of all ages to examine the history and inscribed databases residing in our cemeteries.

To produce information to assist family members who want to conserve a grave site.

To establish Friends of New Zealand Cemeteries groups throughout New Zealand to create awareness of the importance of local cemeteries and their conservation.