Heritage Values

The future of our cemeteries

There is an urgent continuing need to promote the physical conservation of historic cemeteries, and we aim to provide useful guidelines and promote the conservation values for all of New Zealand’s historic cemeteries and burial sites.

To this end we will:

  • Develop a policy on preparation of conservation plans.

  • Formulate a standard ‘Cemetery Conservation Plan Guidelines’ for use by interested individuals and groups.

  • Focus on our most urgent cemetery sites and commission conservation plans in consultation with local councils and local citizens and then seek funding for their implementation.

  • Encourage participation by service clubs and other interested groups in the task of conserving cemetery sites and enhancing access to those sites.

  • Assist in setting conservation goals and priorities with the various local community groups and local bodies.

  • Assist in the securing of funding resources from trusts and sympathetic organisations to assist with cemetery conservation projects.

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