Best Practice Guidelines

Wrought Iron, Cast Iron, and Wire

Physical damage, splits, breaks and bends, tree growth.

Do as much as necessary, but as little as possible.

Cause of damage should be removed/treated.
Broken sections cannot easily be rejoined
Often concrete kerbs and bollards have moved and affected the alignment of the wrought iron fence and this is very difficult to remedy.

Any repair work should be entrusted to a qualified tradesman with experience in wrought and cast iron.

Most wrought iron and cast iron achieves a rusty appearance which is inactive corrosion and does not cause any long-term deterioration and should not be touched.

Where there is clearly active corrosion this needs to be treated with:
Fish Oil Corrosion Protection
Lightly brush away loose corrosion, dirt and dust using soft-bristled brushes (NOT wire brushes)
Flush out crevices with mineral turps
Brush on 50/50 dilution of fish oil (Wattyl Fishoilene) and mineral turps
Apply a second coat
Use drop cloths to protect kerbs